What’s included?

There are a lot of bicycle touring companies out there, but this is what makes Mud Ministry and Mudventures different:

1.  Most of our riders raise money for a cause. From orphanages in Mexico, to wells in Africa to homelessness in America, riders on Mudventures trips are often raising money for their favorite cause and we’re equipped to handle that. We have online donations with tax deductible giving and recurring donations to make your fundraising easy.

2. You not only ride, but you learn. We offer everything from worship services, to ministry training, to bicycle repair and maintenance classes along the way.  Our goal is that you will be not only stronger physically but spiritually as well at the end of the trip.

3. Our trips are Christ-centered.

4. Our trips are fully supported.  We offer a van and trailer, which lends so much flexibility to our trips.  If our end point for the day does not line up with good lodging, we can simply stop and drive to our lodging and then drive back to the stopping point the following day. This allows us to keep costs down and MOST IMPORTANTLY you don’t have to lug all your gear on your bike.

5.  We bring an experienced bicycle mechanic on every trip.  We can help with minor repairs and adjustments.  We bring a good bit of spare parts and supplies so that we can keep you rolling.


What’s included?

1. Meals. Your trip includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus some snacks and all your water during the ride. Some meals are in restaurants, some are catered, some are cooked by the cyclists (we share cooking and cleaning duties).  Some are cooked by the staff.  Special dietary requirements can be accommodated to a certain degree.

2. All Lodging. Lodging is provided…however…if we are camping and are near a hotel, you are welcome to stay at the hotel at your own expense and we will provide shuttle services.  We will be staying in a mix of hotels, camping, and crashing at churches and host houses.

3. Basic bike repairs are free. We do shifting and brake adjustments (tune-ups) at the end of the day as needed.  We can assist with pre-ride tire inflation, and part replacement as needed.  You are responsible for paying for your parts and major repairs.  You are also responsible for your own flat tire repairs during the ride itself.  In an emergency, of course, we will come rescue you.

4. Basic first aid. We provide basic first aid, however you are responsible for all of your own doctor visits and related costs. You are responsible to get to San Diego and home from St. Augustine.  However, if you are able to get to the I-10 corridor we would be happy to pick you up along the way.

5. Transportation.  Transportation is free, but you are responsible for your own food/lodging before and after the trip.  We may not be able to time the trip for airport pickups along the way, so this is better for people who are driving to the I-10 corridor.

The Itinerary

We will be following the established route across the country, although at times we will just jump on US-90 and head east.  Here are the towns we will be passing through along the way.  We will hit an average of 2 of these per day.  Please note that the route itself may change based on conditions.

San Diego!!! Sierra Blanca, TX Kountze, TX
Alpine, CA Van Horn, TX DeRidder, LA
Live Oak Springs, CA Kent, TX Opelousas, LA
Seeley, CA Fort Davis, TX Simmesport, LA
Brawley, CA Alpine, TX (Steve’s Son) Easleyville, LA
Blythe, CA Marathon, TX Franklinton, LA
Quartzsite, AZ Sanderson, TX Poplarville, MS
Salome, AZ Dryden, TX Vancleave/Wiggins
Wickenburg, AZ Langtry, TX Wade, AL
Peoria, AZ Comstock, TX Bayou La Batre, AL
Tempe, AZ Del Rio, TX Gulf Shores, AL
Apache Junction/Mesa, Az Camp Wood, TX Pensacola, FL
Florence Junction, AZ Leaky, TX Gulf Beach, FL
Superior, AZ Comfort, TX Crestview, FL
Globe, AZ Kerrville, TX Defuniak Springs, FL
Safford, AZ Sisterdale, TX Chipley, FL
Three Way, AZ Blanco, TX Sneads, FL*
Buckhorn, NM Kyle, TX Quincy, FL
Silver City, NM Lockhart, TX Tallahassee, FL
Hillsboro, NM Bastron, TX Monticello, FL
Hatchm NM LaGrange, TX Madison, FL
Las Cruces, NM Burton, TX Wellborn, FL
San Miguel, NM Austin, TX (Opt)* High Springs, FL
Sunland Park, TX Navasota, TX Archer, FL
Fabens, TX New Waverly, TX Orange Springs, FL
Acala, TX Shepherd, TX Palatka, FL

The Cost

The trip is $5000 per person.  That sounds like a lot, but it is 2 months food, lodging, repairs, and support.  Consider the fact that other trips are in this range and you still must carry your own gear and you must camp nearly 100% of the time.  On this trip, you ride your miles with just your bike and a small bag for food and supplies.