The Trip

You will have your orientation in the city and then board a bus to take you to our outpost in Puyo, Ecuador. En route, you will pass waterfalls, white water rapids, and some of the most majestic mountains on the face of the earth. No camera could ever do this trip justice. Once in Puyo, you will settle into the hotel where we will eat breakfast and dinner as well as rest up for work. It isn’t the Ritz, but it’s pretty nice. The village of Puyo will give you many opportunities to interact with locals and try out your spanglish in the local convenience stores. Every day we will trek into the Amazon Rainforest to work with indigenous people building houses and infrastructure. You will meet some of the nicest and most grateful people in the world. From there we will make the trek back to Quito where you will be able to straddle the equator and buy some souvenirs before flying back to America.  We also offer trips that work primarily with children and teens as well as trips that put on soccer camps in this area.

The Schedule

Day 1 – Fly into Quito, Ecuador
Day 2 – Orientation into Quito
Day 3 – Travel to Puyo
Days 4-8 – Ministry in Puyo
Day 9 – Travel to Quito – Fun in Quito
Day 10 – Fly Home

The Conditions: Comfy

For South America, this will be a fairly cushy trip.   You will most likely sleep in a bed every night and the food will be great.  We will have access to most first world resources.  The drives can get old and rough at times, but the views more than make up for it.

The Cost: Moderately Expensive

$650 per person (including everything you need on the ground) Plus airfare to Quito.  Depending on where you’re flying from, tickets to Ecuador can be more expensive than places like Peru and Colombia.

The Focus: Primarily Outreach


This trip has a primarily outreach focus.