Fundraising for a mission trip can be the most tiresome part of a trip, or it can be the best part! It all depends on how you go about it. The most important thing to remember when fundraising is to know your audience. Who are you reaching with these events? How much are they willing to spend? Will they attend more than one event? What do they find entertaining?

Now, with most mission trips people tend to do a lot of car washes, yard sales, and selling mass amounts of candy. While these are all great things to do, we have come up with a few more creative ways to put the fun back in fundraising!

First, we really believe that the way you will raise the most money with the least amount of effort is by sending out support letters to your friends and family.


Okay now on to the awesome ideas we have come up with.
1. Cocoa and Cookies

Sell hot chocolate and cookies for a few bucks each around Christmas time. Get a really good cocoa recipe that way they will come back for more! And its better than the crummy instant mix with water. Make it worth it!

2. Mini Shows

Do a mini show of a few people from your school/church/area to come together and play for free at your event. Sell tickets to enter for $2-5 each and also sell coffee during the event. (As an added neat thing, sell coffee from the country you are going to.)

3. Late Night Dinner

After the school cafeteria closes, do a dinner around 7 or 8pm for the students. Charge $3 for the meal and have your group serve it. This is great for college campuses whose cafeteria closes at 6. Do cheap meals, like pasta or a spud bar. Remind them that they would pay at least $6 at any other fast food restaurant, they get a meal for $3 with better quality food and they do not have to drive!

4. Bake Sale

Make anything you want! Cookies, brownies, popcorn, whatever you can think of! You can also make different bracelets, t shirts, or any sort of product to go towards your trip.

5. Flamingos

Sell flamingos for 50 cents each and people buy them to put in someones yard. Have a removal fee and provide “Insurance” to people for their yards not to get flamingo-ed. You can also do forks, toilet paper, or just one toilet painted an obnoxious color.

6. Rent-a-Kid

Send out flyers to people in your school/church/family that you will do chores for $10 each.

7. T-Shirt Sales

Make shirts for your trip and sell them to people for $20 each. People will buy the shirts at higher prices if they know that they are going to a good cause. Make them look good too! Get a student who likes creative graphic work to design it.

8. Restaurants

Have the restaurants donate a percentage of their profits or persons bill to your group. Go to a Chilis, Chick-Fil-A, or any local places where you know you could do this.

9. Leader Torture

Say that you will “torture” your group leader in some way if you raise $1,000 towards your trip. Examples of torture: Dye their hair, cut it off, dress like a clown, trade jobs for a day, dunk tank.

10. Sell candy/lollypops

Yes this is selling candy, but if you sell lollypops or airheads you get a better profit margin. Check out this awesome video we made explaining how it works!

11. Gift Wrapping

During the holiday time offer gift wrapping for donations. (Anything you can do just donations, do it! People will pay more than you think at times.)

12. Skip a Meal

Have people skip one meal and give the money that they would have spent on food to you group. This gives them an opportunity to experience a day without one meal, like the people in the area you are serving in.

13. One week without Starbucks/Dunkin

Challenge people to save the money they normally spend at a coffee shop for one week and give it to your group. In exchange have them maybe buy a bag of coffee from the country you are going to.

14. Cookbook

Get the best of your groups family recipes and sell a cookbook for $5. Or if you are in college, create one that college kids could cook in their dorm rooms.

15. Matching Gift

Ask a local business to match any donations or a certain amount of money towards your trip.

16. Cook-Off

Get people from the church or teachers from your school to do a cook off of some sort. You can do the usual chili cook off, or go Iron Chef on them and give them an ingredient they have to use in their meal in some way, such as avocado.

17. Movie Night

Host a movie night complete with popcorn and drinks! Sell tickets and offer one bag of popcorn for free. Do a trilogy or just one movie that is a favorite.

18. Murder Mystery Dinner

Get a free script from here.

19. Dance

Any sort of themed dance you can think of! Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Years Eve, Christmas, Disco, Halloween, Decades, or anything else crazy enough for people to come to!

20. Car Smash

Get an old beat up car donated, people pay to smash it with a sledge hammer

21. Dodge Ball Tournament

Pretty self-explanatory. Host a dodge ball tournament and have teams pay $20 per team.

22. Make and Sell

Bracelets, Ornaments, Headbands, etc something to reflect your trip and a way for them to remember to pray for you while you are gone.

23. Work at a Festival

Around Halloween time there are normally festivals. Make a booth and charge for your booth. Find something that is fun for you to do!

24. Thon-A-Thon!

Do a walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, read, skate, bowl, swim, bike, rock, or work. Anything that works for your group of people, just go for it!

25. Scratch off Reverse Lottery

Order these fundraising scratch offs. People pledge to scratch off one or two stars and donate the money that is shown. for ordering. (This is a third party website that we found.)