Sparking Social and Spiritual Change

Beyond Me Haiti (BMH) engages in actions to advance the social and spiritual welfare of communities all across Haiti. At a social level, our aim is to transform people’s lives through social entrepreneurship, servant leadership, and community development. At the spiritual level, we focus on discipleship, biblical justice, and evangelism. We partner and collaborate with many other organizations and leaders.

In 2013, we formed a fellowship that consists of businesses, social entrepreneurs, churches, and other non-profits. We called this the “Haitian Nation Fellowship”. Our efforts bring communities together and provide the infrastructure that will help them become self-sustaining. As we extend resources, training, and opportunities to these communities, we equip our neighbors so they can create prosperity for their families and communities. Beyond Me Haiti consists of three branches. Its 501 (c) 3 branch is called Beyond Me Initiative (BMI). BMI is the financial engine of the movement. With it being also being our non profit branch, we strive to develop a base for donors, volunteers, and organizations to help us fund our iniatives in Haiti. Our community development center is called Beyond Me Life (BML). BML seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to effect change within their communities. BML invites community members to come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Our third branch is a record label called Haitian Nation Recordz (HNR). It is the most popular branch of our movement.  It is a fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ who use music, media, and arts to advocate and raise support for those living in poverty and social injustice.


Mud Ministry just completed our Haiti Project!  Check out what we did in 2014 and check out Beyond Me Haiti to see what’s going on now!