Honduras is a country brimming with activity. A small mountain town called La Esperanza, which in English translates roughly to “the hope”, hosts a church with a heart for their community. This small town weekly feeds approximently 80 children of the community who do not always have the blessing of regular meals. If your heart is one of compassion and God is leading you to serve a church that works towards demonstrating God’s love for children, then a trip to La Esperanza through Mud may be for you.

The Trip


A trip to La Esperanza (2 1/2 hours outside the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa) affords your group with the opportunity of combining those with a heart for children and those who have a heart for service. It is the perfect place to bring a small group of construction-minded individuals to help bring about real change in the community. We are also seeking out teams that have a few photographers (along with some other people who are simply willing to help).  These teams will go and take free family portraits in remote villages as a tool for reaching out to the community.

The Schedule

Day 1 – Fly into Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Capital City). Orientation in Tegucigalpa
Day 2 – Drive to La Esperanza, Honduras. Ministry in La Esperanza and the surrounding villages.
Days 3-4 – Ministry in La Esperanza and surrounding villages
Day 5 – Fun Day (and get photos printed in Tegucigalpa for photography trips)
Day 6 – Ministry in La Esperanza and surrounding villages (Return to Tegucigalpa in the evening for early flights)
Day 7 – Return to Tegucigalpa and Fly Home

The Conditions: 50/50

Conditions in the Honduras are So-So.  We will be staying in hostels in Tegucigalpa and most likely on floors in La Esperanza.  Live it up. You’re on the mission field.  For some reason there are a million fried chicken restaurants in Honduras. We hope you like fried chicken and white rice.  If you’re looking for luxury, this isn’t the trip for you.

The Cost: Inexpensive

$600 on the ground plus airfare.

The Focus: Primarily Outreach


This trip has a primarily outreach focus.