The Trip

India has one of the most unique cultures you will ever experience.  In the midst of the Hinduism, the worshipping of cows, and the surrounding idolatry, you will find Jesus alive and active at a Christian orphanage in Chhawla, India.  Emmanuel Children’s Home (ECH) houses over 120 children who have come to the orphanage to get food, clothing, housing, and schooling.  Many of these children are true orphans, while others have parents that cannot afford to provide for them.  Life at the orphanage means the children are not only saved from life on the streets but also taught about how to be saved eternally.  The faith of the kids at Emmanuel Children’s Home is so incredible that it will challenge your faith and prayer life.

This trip is your chance to be a part of what the Book of James calls pure and faultless religion, to look after orphans in their distress (James 1:27).  A huge part of your trip to Emmanuel will be transporting Christmas gifts for each of the orphans and staff members at ECH.  These children love Jesus and love to celebrate His birth, and you get to be a part of hand delivering gifts to each of them.  Along with delivering the gifts you will get to make this week fun and exciting as you program a mini-camp full of games, skits, Bible stories, songs, and activities for the children.  You will also have the opportunity to do some manual labor projects around the orphanage such as painting/maintenance projects.  Finally you will live life with the kids.  You will spend time braiding hair, painting nails, playing cricket, washing dishes, washing clothes, and helping the kids with daily chores.  You will forever be transformed by the love you feel from these children!


The Schedule

Day 1-Leave America and fly to New Delhi, India

Day 2-Arrive in New Delhi (1 hour transport to orphanage).  Meet the children, hand out Christmas gifts, and plan games/projects for the week.

Day 3-Painting/Maintenance Projects in the morning.  Camp games with kids in the afternoon

Day 4-Take Children to a local Theme Park

Day 5-Sunday Church.  Take Children to KFC or Pizza Hut

Day 6-Painting/Maintenance Projects in the morning. Camp games with the kids in the afternoon.

Day 7-Painting/Maintenance Projects in the morning. Camp games with the kids in the afternoon.

Day 8-Painting/Maintenance Projects in the morning. Camp games with the kids in the afternoon.

Day 9-Shopping in New Delhi in the morning.  Afternoon & evening with the kids.Day 10-Painting/Maintenance Projects in the morning. Camp games with the kids in the afternoon.

Day 10-Fly Home to America.

The Conditions: Roughing it

It will be cold when you arrive in India.  Come prepared with clothing you can layer.  You will be staying at the orphanage and sleeping on sleep mats and possibly in a tent.  There is sometimes running water at the orphanage, but you will be taking cold bucket baths.  While there are a few Western toilets, you will probably have to use a squatty potty at some point.  Be prepared to feel dirty for the week you are at ECH.

The Cost: Moderately Expensive

$2600 per person including airfare.  This includes all your ministry costs on the ground, food, and ground transportation. You are responsible for meals in airports to and from the trip.

The Focus: Primarily Outreach


This trip has a primarily outreach focus.