Juarez, Mexico

An orphanage as big as a football field, in the shape of a cross. Mexico’s largest orphanage being built. Since 2002, Mud has been involved in the work of providing homes for some of the nearly 9,000 orphans in Juarez, Mexico. We would LOVE for you to put your hands to work and make a difference in the lives of these children. Trips to Juarez include lodging in the United States with all of your meals cooked for you and all your transportation provided. Groups also have the option of raising support to do a food distribution where you can help hundreds of families by providing them a week’s worth of food.


The Trip

Our Juarez, Mexico trip is a great trip for so many reasons.  We offer options for you to stay in the US and travel to Mexico every day for work. You can also stay in Mexico every day.  The best part about this trip is that you can do construction without having any previous construction knowledge. We teach you everything you need to know.   Groups will spend 5 days working on the project in Mexico and 1 day (optional) doing some tourism and a food distribution to the needy.


The Schedule

Day 1 – Fly into El Paso, TX and Orientation

Days 2-3 – Work on Project

Day 4 – Tourism and Food Distribution

Days 5-6 Work on Project

Day 7 – Fly home


The Conditions: Comfy

Most groups will (and are encourage to) stay in our ministry center in Texas and travel every day into Mexico. It’s very safe and very nice.  Breakfast and Dinner will be in the US and lunch will be in Mexico.

The Cost: Inexpensive

$750 per person on the ground. Because this is a construction trip, the vast amount of money goes to funding the materials that you will use for building the orphanage.  Because you only have to get to El Paso, Texas (we pick up transporation from there), travel costs are a lot lower than other international trips.

The Focus: Primarily Discipleship and Teambuilding


This trip has a primarily discipleship focus.