When Mud Missionaries Matt and Gretchen Clayton arrived to pastor a local church in Washington, Missouri, skateboarding was illegal in most places in town. Seeing an opportunity to reach the skater subculture, they turned their building into an indoor skatepark and founded The Crux. This developed into much more than just a skatepark. They now also have a concert venue, paintball field, bmx track, and gaming venue for youth and young adults to gather in a safer environment. Mud sends teams to Washington to continue the expansion of The Crux and to host Crux events. Beyond simply being a location for your next mission trip, Matt and Gretchen have a heart to pour into everyone who comes and works. If you’re looking for a mission trip that is a ways away, but still in the US, this could be the perfect trip for you.

In 2012, Mud launched the Rebellion of Love as part of our mission to target those who have fallen through the cracks and are not currently being reached by the local church in America.


The Trip


We offer two types of trips to Washington, MO: 3-10 day group mission trips and 1-12 month internships.   If you are a group leader, here are several reasons to consider bringing your team to Washington. 1.  It’s accessible.  Bringing your group to WashMo (as we affectionately call it) is generally a cheap place to fly, and being in the US, it makes a perfect destination for a first mission trip.   2.  Matt and Gretchen. Simply put, our missionaries are people that you WANT your team to be around. Matt is an incredible bible teacher and leader, and your team will truly be challenged simply by being there.   3.  The mission.  We have a lot of flexibility and a lot of opportunity for “people ministry” in Washington.  The Rebellion of Love @ the Crux reaches out to large numbers of teens and young adults, and a mission trip here is an opportunity to love people.  You don’t have to be an evangelist or a teacher.  Your mission in WashMo is to love people, and that’s something anyone can do.


The Schedule

Itineraries for Washington, MO trips are very flexible.  The typical 7 day trip would include 1 fun day in St. Louis. You can take in a Cardinals game, visit the arch or go to City Museum.  (Meals are included on fun days. Admission to attractions are at an additional cost).   Many days on WashMo trips include construction and work on the facility during the day and group time/people ministry in the evening.


The Conditions: Easy Breezy

Groups can sleep in either the church building or hotels.


The Cost: Inexpensive

$250 to $500 on the ground including food and lodging for a 7-10 day trip.  Includes materials if you are doing construction, but you are always welcome to donate additional money for additional materials. Please note: We are also seeking people who are looking to give between 1 month and 1 year to the Rebellion of Love @ the Crux.

The Focus: Part Teambuilding/Part Outreach


This trip has both discipleship and outreach qualities to it.