The Trip

This trip will offer you a great view of life in Central America.  You will work in the very modern city of Panama city and also minister to the people of the Kuna tribe.  Located in the rain forest,  this people group is the second shortest group of people in the world (second only to the Pygmies). They have remained segregated from the world, despite living in the most modern country in Central America.   It’s a great mix of work as well.  We will go do either construction or sports ministry in Panama City and then take the long trip into the mountains to minister to indigenous people where we will do photography, children’s, and sports ministry.   This is a great trip for groups of people with mixed interest. There is something for everyone to do.

The Schedule

Day 1 – Fly into Panama City and Orientation
Days 2 -4 – Ministry in Panama City
Days 5 – Travel to the Kuna Tribe and do ministry in the villiage
Day 6 – Ministry to the Kuna Tribe
Day 7 – Ministry to the Kuna Tribe – Travel back to Panama City
Day 8 – Tourism and Visit Panama Canal
Day 9 – Head home

The Conditions: Roughing It

Panama City offers first world accommodations and amenities.  Conditions will be decent. You might not have a bed every night, but things will be pretty comfortable. Groups wishing cushier accommodations can have them here.  Expect your trip to the Kuna Village to be long, hot, and wet.  You will be sleeping in a hut or outside.

 The Cost: Average

$650 plus airfare (depending on location and activities).

The Focus: Primarily Outreach


This trip has a primarily outreach focus.