Upcoming Trip! June 2-12, 2014

Take a journey with Mud to the amazing country of Peru.  The home of Machu Picchu, was home to the Incas and is home to some of the most gorgeous terrain in the world!

Although this trip is called a photography mission trip, we are looking for both photographers and non photographers alike.  Why photography? We’ve found over the years that in many developing nations a simple photograph is often one of a family’s most prized possessions.  By teaming up with local ministries who are already working in an area (and who are dedicated to following up on the work we do), we are able to invite entire small communities out to have free family portraits.  It’s a beautiful way to have small group interaction with nearly everyone in a village.   By offering the photos, we are able to reach out to people who might not ever set foot in the doors of a church.

Even if you’re not a photographer, we are looking for people who have a heart for serving.  We need people to do post photography face-painting, play with children, play soccer, help with equipment, and do many of the other supportive things that go along with this type of ministry. No camera. No problem!


The Trip

This trip will be well varied.  Everyone will be doing a little bit of everything!  You won’t be bored.


The Schedule*

Day 1- Fly into Lima, Peru and orientation. Spend the night in Lima

Days 2-8 – Photography and “people ministry” in Peru

Day 9-Return to Lima – Tour Lima a little bit. Stay the night in Lima

Day 10 – Fly home

* Dates are subject to change a few days either way based on airline tickets. We work extremely closely with people who are signed up to make sure the dates work.

The Schedule:More Info

You are probably asking yourself why the schedule of this particular trip is more barren than the rest of the trips.  We’ve drawn a lot of interest in this trip and have decided that there is a chance there will be 2 separate groups and those groups may be doing slightly different things. We have lots of places that we can do ministry in Peru, so some of it might depend on how adventurous individuals in the group are.

If people decide they want to do the long bus ride to southern Peru (hey, we’re up for it if you are!) then Machu Picchu is definitely an option and we can do a lot of ministry down that way.  If you want to stick in the Lima area, we have options there as well.

The Conditions: Roughing It


This trip will be a mix of staying in hostels, hotels, and churches. No camping is planned.  Most nights you’ll be pretty comfortable, but you should be ready to rough it for an overnight bus trip, etc.

The Cost: Average

$800 plus airfare. This does not include the cost of a safari which is optional. Machu Picchu is about a $200 additional cost if you decide to go to southern Peru.  Closer to 500 or 600 you start off closer to Lima. Those days can either be tacked on to the end of the trip or take up some of your time during the trip.   Flights to Peru are usually cheaper than the rest of South America and are usually pretty reasonable.

The Focus: Primarily Outreach


This trip has a primarily outreach focus.