What is a Photography Mission Trip?

In traveling to third world countries, we came across an interesting trend.  Every home we would go in, the homeowner would show us an old crumpled picture of their family or their kids.  We soon discovered that the old photo was one of their most prized possessions. That’s where photography mission trips come in.  While people are often leery of going to churches, entire towns and villages will turn out to get a free family portrait.  You can take your love of photography and turn it into an opportunity to lead people to Christ.

Here’s how it works:

1.  We go into a small town or village and meet with a local missionary or pastor.  We invite the entire town (possibly spread over several days) to come to the church or mission for free family photos.

2.  Photographers take the family photos while other people on the team help wrangle babies, entertain people in line, play with kids, etc.  They even host games for after the photos are done.

3.  Photos are either printed instantly, or we send them back to the closest city to be printed.

4. Depending on how much time we have, we may move onto another town to do the same ministry.

5. If photos were printed off site, the people return to the church or mission to pick up their photos one week later.

One of the beautiful things of the photography mission trip is that it gives us 3 points of contact with almost every person in a town or village. We meet them as we promo the event. We meet them on photo day. They meet with the pastor/missionary to pick up their photos.