The Trip


1 Trip + 2 Hemispheres + 4 Countries = 100% Awesomeness.  This trip is backpacking. Roughing it a bit.  Carry everything you need in one bag. This trip is geared towards Christians with an adventurous spirit.

There will be a good mix of reaching out to people along the way and time bonding as a team. You will do little bits of construction and sports and ministry as well as tourism and taking in the sights.

The Schedule

(Subject to change based on conditions and ministry opportunities)
Day 1-Bogota, Colombia
Day 2-Orientation and tour Bogota. Meet our ministry partner
Day 3-Ministry in Bogota
Day 4 -Ministry in Bogota
Day 5 -Travel to Cali, Colombia
Day 6 – Rest day in Cali & Tourism
Day 7 – Ministry in Cali
Day 8 – Ministry in Cali
Day 9 – Travel to Quito, Ecuador
Day 10 – Explore Quito
Day 11 – Ministry in Quito
Day 12 – Travel to Banos, Ecuador – Explore Banos
Day 13 – Travel to Puyo (in the Amazon)
Day 14 – Ministry in Puyo
Day 15 – Ministry in Puyo
Day 16 – Travel to Quito
Day 17 – Travel to Lima, Peru
Day 18 – Travel to Lima, Peru then rest in Lima
Day 19 – Ministry in Lima
Day 20 – Travel to Pisco, Peru
Day 21 – Ministry in Pisco (Schedule in this time could change if we go to Machu Piccu)
Day 22 – Ministry in Pisco
Day 23 – Ministry in Pisco
Day 24 – Travel to Arica, Chile
Day 25 – Ministry in Arica
Day 26 – Travel to Santiago, Chile
Day 27 – Ministry in Santiago, Chile
Day 28 – Ministry in Santiago, Chile
Day 29 — Ministry in Santiago, Chile
Day 30 — Fly Home (if Lima is cheaper we may be able to fly back from there instead)

The Conditions: Roughing It

Expect everything from a 1 star hotel (by American standards) down to sleeping on the floor and on un-air-conditioned buses.  You will have overnight bus rides, long days and the time of your life.  You will be roughing it, but not camping levels of roughing it.  Don’t expect perfect comfort, but you’ll be fine.   We will be sleeping in buses, hostels, hotels, and on floors.  Bring a light sleeping bag.  We will have lots of good food and some not so great food in Peru 🙂

The Cost: Moderately Expesnive

$2500 per person (including everything you need on the ground) Plus airfare to Bogota and from Santiago..

The Focus: Some Discipleship/Some Outreach


This trip has both discipleship and outreach qualities to it.