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Thousands of children in South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania have been suffering from a mysterious disease called Nodding Disease or Nodding Syndrome. This disease starts off with a seizure that makes it seem as if the child is nodding off to sleep. Their growth becomes stunted, including the growth of their brains. Children are often injured when falling during one of these seizures. As such, parents who must choose between working or starvation are often forced to tie their children to trees while they go off to work. Children often die within 3 years of showing symptoms of the disease/syndrome. There is no known cause or cure. We will be working with Hope for HumaNS as they build a clinic for these children. The clinic is a safe place where children can stay during the day and get the medical attention they need. Parents will also be educated on how to take care of their children.


The Trip

This is a trip where we can do pretty much anything we can think up. In Uganda, we work with a group of children at the Hope for HumaNS care center which specializes in helping kids with Nodding Syndrome. Here, we get to hang out with these kids, help give them the medication and vitamins they need, build up their clinic, and show the love of Jesus to these kids and all of the fmilies in the nearby villages.


What You Will Need for Travel:

A passport of course, a Yellow Fever shot, Malaria medicine, and a $50 visa once we get on the ground.


The Schedule

Day 1-Fly into Entebbe, Uganda

Day 2-Safari Day

Day 3-Travel to Gulu for supplies

Day 4-Work day in Gulu

Day 5-Travel to the village of Odek

Day 6-9-Work in Odek

Day 10-Travel to the Equator/Fly home


The Conditions: Roughing It


We will be staying in a hotel for a few nights in Gulu, which is about the same as a 1 or 2 star hotel here in the states. It’s not super nice, but you will have food, a cold shower and a bed complete with a mosquito net! While in the village, we will be either in tents, staying in staff housing, or crashing on the floor of the classroom. There are mats to sleep on, mosquito nets, and a well for bucket showers.

The Cost: Moderately Expensive

$800 plus airfare. This does not include the cost of a safari which is optional.

The Focus: Primarily Outreach


This trip has a primarily outreach focus.